Classes & Workshops

Regardless of age, we aim to introduce children to interesting stories, characters and themes in a fun, imaginative and creative way. 

Our classes last one hour and involve a wide range of speech and drama activities that will help to build confidence, grow self-esteem, improve communication and concentration, and give each and every child a fun and supportive environment to express their feelings and let their imagination run free.

Our classes are broadly broken down into three age brackets:

5-8 years: Mini Beasts
9-12 years: Midi Beasts
12-16 years: Big Beasts

Activities within classes include:

  • Group drama games to warm up the body and mind
  • Storytelling and re-enactment of well known tales
  • Character exploration exercises
  • Breathing and vocal activities to develop vocal confidence and clear speech
  • Improvisation games and performances
  • Role play activities
  • Mime and tableau work
  • Creative writing and script based activities

At the end of each class and with help and encouragement from the teacher, the children will demonstrate something they have learnt, whether it be a facial expression, physical movement, line of text, or even just a bow in front of their friends. Every child gets awarded with a sticker when it is time to go home.   

At the end of each term, parents will be invited to come and see their child’s progress, either with a short performance or a workshop where parents can participate.

For more information, please contact The Drama Beast at or call 07787 537083